What makes WhatsApp Plus different from the original WhatsApp?

We all already know about WhatsApp and we use it quite frequently too, but not all of us know about WhatsApp Plus. It is a modified version of WhatsApp and it’s created by a Spanish developer named Rafalete in 2012. Although the app is free, but its user license is the same as the original WhatsApp. Other than the name WhatsApp Plus, it is also known as WhatsApp Plus Holo. Instead of green, it has a blue icon.

If you want to learn more about this app, visit wwww.installwasapplus.com. The app works very well, it is simple to use and the best thing is that you don’t have to remove the original WhatsApp to use it.

How is it different from the original WhatsApp?

Here are some additional things you can do with WhatsApp Plus which the original does not support:

  • You can copy anyone’s status
  • You can hide your appearance
  • It lets you view the media without loading
  • You can send an audio clip of size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
  • It is possible to hide your name and date when copying the message
  • You can zoom the profile pictures
  • Theme mods are available
  • Audio and video calls are supported
  • There is no need to have root access

You will be glad to hear that the app lets you choose the launcher icon of your choice, it is not just restricted to Green or Blue. It can work on any smartphone platform. As it contains lots of amazing features, it has become the center of attention of many youngsters.

When you can send more than 10 images at once and videos of more than 50 MB size, then what more do you need? As it is free and it comes with better features as compared to the original WhatsApp then why not install it on your phone and make the most out of it.