Monitoring Employees with Spyera

As a business owner that provides corporate phones to their employees, you know all too well how difficult it is to manage each and every phone. A lot of factors make it a close to impossible task like having varying operating systems and specifications, security risks and poor controls. You might think that you’ve tried every possible strategy to keep a close eye on everyone, but what you haven’t tried is an effective spyware like Spyera. By reading even one Spyera Review, you’d be convinced that this is the spyware that you’ve been searching for.


In the world of business, it’s common knowledge that any company suffers operationally and economically because of poor controls and lack of information concerning corporate mobiles. This is a problem that Spyera can help you with through backup, phone data and usage monitoring, tracking the overall workforce and you’ll even have evidence for legal purposes. Spyera empowers business owners in properly tracking, controlling and monitoring the company provided cell phones in the entire organization; this works regardless of the provider or the platform.

Installation of Spyera is fairly simple and easy, you need to install it on the target phone. During installation, you’ll need direct access on the targeted phone for at least 2 minutes; remote control installation is not possible. You’re not required to install other software on your phone. Any sim card can be used on the target phone as you’re installing it and it doesn’t have to be the permanent sim card. After purchasing Spyera, you should receive a Welcome Email directly on the email address that you used when signing up. The email contains information regarding the download and configuration of Spyera. Once you’ve paid and receive the welcome email, enter the location right into the web browser of the target phone and installation should automatically begin.