Job Hazards And Infections

Jobs are great! There put food on the table, they pay the bill and they keep the kids in schools. They may not always be fulfilling or be what we thought it would be but it pays for your time and that’s really important as well… I mean, there are engineers who wake up one day and decide to become writers. This could be due to a passion for writing or a very strategic plan to evade job hazards.

There are certain jobs that expose us to health risks, with greater focus on infection, I personally feel waking up in the morning and going outside is already an exposure to hazard but that’s beside the point. Jobs have methodologies, processes, environmental conditions that leave us vulnerable most times. With focus on infections some of these jobs are;

Medicine – a doctor is constantly exposed to ill patients and infected needles

Agriculture – a farmer is exposed to all forms of biotic environment and risks getting infected with a bacteria, fungus or virus

Military – these patriots go where no regular person would dare enter and are always heavily kitted in all weather. A humid region can cause moisture on skin and foot leading to all forms of skin infection.

Sanitation workers – this exposes you to all forms of infections on the streets, even with the heavy protective wears and equipments you still find quite a number of compromised health cases.

It is therefore necessary to take preventive measures if you are involved with such jobs. In the case of an infection there are numerous home remedies for them online. Home remedy for toenail fungus are antifungal drugs, medicated ointment, and herbal extracts from highly potent roots. While home remedy for bacteria are antibiotic, herbal extracts and good hygiene. Stay safe and infection-free.