Introducing the Magic Bullet and the NutriBullet

Unlike all the other reviews out there that screams the ‘Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet’ theme, we’re here to discuss with you just what both blenders are and what are their most obvious and well-known features. Deciding between the two is more of a personal requirement and preference since there isn’t really a superior blender.

Magic Bullet

The first of the many benefits of the Magic Bullet is its small structure, unlike classic blenders and food processors it doesn’t really demand a whole lot of space.  The structure is vertical, has a round power base and is incredibly easy to store; none of all those frustrating set up and clean up moments whenever you need it. Next, you won’t be confused with all the settings found in classic blenders; the Magic Bullet only has one setting. All that’s left is to place the cover, flip and over, hold it down and you’re basically done. As long as you’re holding it down, the blade will continue to turn. In case you need a little bit of hands-free time, just hold the cup down and turn; this locks in the blender.


Appliance similar to the Nutribullet tend to be bulky, huge and a hassle to handle. But the NutribBullet is compact, light weight and can be stored with ease. Not only that but it comes with two cup sizes; one that’s 400ML and the other a 700ML. Another great thing about it is that you won’t feel like assembling a puzzle every time you use it. All you have to do is fill the cups, place on the cap, align it with the blender mechanism, push all the way down and give it a twist. With a blender that’s this easy to use and store, you’ll be making drinks and smoothies all day.

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