Importance Of Digitizing service

Ever wondered how your image, company or corporate logos are done? Worry no more all you need is to understand digitizing services in order to choose one that can suit you. Digitizing is the art of transforming an analogue image, text or photograph into digital image or text using advanced machines. The digital text or image is stored as binary digits. Digitizing service providers usually ensure that;

  • They have a good relationship with their customers
  • Use cost effective techniques
  • Have highly skilled digitizers
  • Have highly skilled technical staff
  • Branded machines

There is a wide range of digitizing services which include;

  • Logo digitizing– this is usually done on clothing and uniforms of corporate, company and promotional materials such as t shirts.
  • Puff digitizing-is embroidery that is done on caps and other eye catching areas to ensure that the texts or images are clearly seen. Its cheap ad creates a 3 dimension look which is achieved by padding using foam underling.
  • Gloves digitizing– gloves are old fashioned simple piece of clothing. Embroidery gives it a fashionable look. Gloves can also be embroidered with a logo and can be used in winter or attending concerts.
  • Sleeves or left chest digitizing– is whereby the logos ad designs are embroidered o the sleeve or left chest. They are cheap .It makes a garment unique.
  • Towel digitizing– logos or designs are embroidered on towels for identification the case they belong to corporate. The designs also make the towel a interesting clothing that can be used in beaches or in bathing.

Embroidery digitizing is a very important aspect that people are embracing as it can be custom digitizing whereby an individual chooses what s/he needs to be embroidered the garment. It is of great help to the corporate as they need logos on the curtains, uniforms for easy identification ad anesthetic value.