Free Web Hosting Methods

Making your presence felt on the internet is very important in todays and you can easily get a website made and hosted so that opens your ideas to the world. There are a lot of companies and websites that provide hosting gratis para paginas web and you can easily access them. Sometimes they also help you to administrate the websites and you literary need to just sit down and watch your presence grow.


Web hosting is basically another computer which stores all the data that the website needs to store and will be accessed by the users whenever they want to use or store more data on the website. For light traffic, you can host even using your own computer, considering the fact needs to be always on and always connected to a secure internet connection. For heavy traffic, a more complex machine is used with a lot of hard drives and processors so that a lot more users can access and store data on the website database simultaneously.

Now there are a lot of various kinds of web hosting like shared web hosting which basically various domains from one server something what word press or other blogging websites use. In this kind of web hosting many people create their own webpage from the blogging website and fixed amount of domain from the server is allotted to the various users at a time.


A popular method of web hosting for most websites would be using a virtual private server in which you are allotted a virtual machine just like how you make a different virtual machine inside one to use two operating systems within the same computer. This is a lot like dedicated web hosting except the fact that in dedicated web hosting you can rent an entire physical machine.